About The Publisher


The AraMedia Group is the proud publisher of many Award Winning dog magazines including ShowSight All-Breed Magazine, Top Notch Toy (TNT), The Doberman Digest, Sight & Scent and The Orient Express. In addition to print and radio they offer a wide array of services for clients including web design, video production, online branding and more.


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Our Purpose


To create a platform for all our clients to flourish and grow. To promote and encourage the people inhabiting exciting and diverse worlds - from the purebred dog fancier to the small (or large) business owner. To help others announce news, victories and achievements to a larger audience. To connect clients and partners to communities who are interested in what they have to offer.



Our Strategy


By utilizing every available aspect of media - from printed magazines and products - to web design, online marketing, mass email campaigns, polls, contests, video production, social media campaigns, strategy planning and MORE… we bring our clients an array of options to branch out and grow. By encouraging customer engagement though interactive activities that are FUN - we invite the public to become part of the action. Although we love the word “client”, we openly admit this word doesn’t fully encapsulate our shared passion and enthusiasm we have for our client’s goals. In short - we view our clients as family - and we take this relationship very seriously.



We Believe


We believe by showing up every day - online and in person, and working tirelessly on behalf of all our clients, we have the ability to create something truly unique and beautiful. We believe there is always room for growth and improvement in the communities we’re blessed to serve - and we are HONORED to be part of our clients journey towards their numerous success stories.



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