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A Guide to Today's Top Purebred Dog Breeders.


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All too often, Breeders are the unsung heroes of the dog show world. The Breeders Almanac aims to change that. This 500-800 page hardcover collectors edition book will profile the top breeding programs within all AKC Registered Breeds. This is important for the future of the purebred dog community - therefore we want to feature “the best of the best” within each breed.

  • The Breeders Almanac will cover all AKC Registered Breeds.
  • Top Breeders within each breed will be showcased.
  • The beautiful hardcover book will be sold at stores and online to thousands of dog fanciers outside of our sport.
  • Thousands of copies will be handed out at shows and mailed to clubs.
  • Available in two formats: print and digital. You will be in both.
  • The website will be promoted worldwide to millions of dog lovers.
  • Ads will remain online for as long The Breeders Almanac exists.
  • The Almanac will be arranged by Group (Group 1-7).
  • Breeds arranged in Alphabetical Order within each group.
  • To ensure no favoritism, no dogs will be featured on the cover.
  • No “preferred page placements” offered within any breed.
  • Kennel Showcases arranged on a first come - first serve basis.
  • This beautiful hardback edition will make a wonderful edition to any library.
  • The Almanac’s design will be similar to dictionaries & law books.
  • The Forward will explain the importance of Breeders.
  • Stylish inserts between Groups will feature Advertiser Index.
  • The Almanac will be also mailed to dog clubs, judges and breeders.
  • Deadlines are fast approaching.
  • One full page color advertisement and Breeders Almanac Lifetime Membership will only cost $475.
  • Two full page color advertisement and Breeders Almanac Lifetime Membership will only cost $750.
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Why This Book And Why Now?


Preservation breeders have always been the backbone of our fancy. They are also crucial to the survival of each and every recognized breed. It is thanks to their commitment that generations of families around the world have been able to open their hearts and homes to a purebred dog. We’re honoring the lasting legacy of the sport’s most ardent breeders through the publication of a single volume that catalogs their unwavering devotion to the breeds they work so hard to protect. We have been under a lot of pressure from outside sources and it is time for us to publish a positive book that will open many eyes and change negative opinions into positive ones about us, our purebred dog breeders and people who live our fancy.


THE BREEDERS’ ALMANAC promises to be the finest resource for serious fanciers looking to showcase their dogs to a global audience. We’re providing the very best platform for Kennels to share their accomplishments, winners and breeding programs to a rapt audience intent on getting a dog from someone who knows each breed best. Some readers of THE BREEDERS’ ALMANAC will be unfamiliar with the dog sport and encouraged to join the fancy, thereby helping to ensure that breed clubs and breeds continue into the future. Work on this one-of-a-kind project has already begun - to overwhelmingly positive feedback. This coffee table book is sure to become an instant collector’s item.



We can continue writing here, explaining the purpose of the book and give many more reasons WHY THIS BOOK-AND WHY NOW but we would rather speak with you over the phone or in person. This issue is much bigger than any one of us. This is about the well-being of our fancy as a whole, and the breeders who help make ir all possible. We hope that we will have your support.



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